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Open World Dialogue

The topics Open World Dialogue covers delve into issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusivity, while addressing the challenges faced by underserved and underrepresented people in the gaming industry. The goal is to create a welcoming space for everyone while navigating the relevant concerns and topics that matter most to these communities.


Social Media Videos

The videos here were created for a two-part social media post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These videos used assets such as pre-recorded video, images, and music.

This video is a trailer for a YouTube channel using the creator's previously recorded videos spliced together with copyright free music for promotion.

Social Media Graphics

LA Post
Join us LA Social Image Jan 20
Join us LA Social Image
New Year

These are branding social images for a online community using its color and design to engage viewers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Social Media Content Posts

Dear Ally imposter syndrome.png
Screenshot 2023-09-25 163759.png

These two posts focus on answering work related questions from a DEI perspective. I served as the column writer.

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