Want impossible burgers in grocery stores? FDA must give Impossible Foods approval first

Have you ever tasted an impossible burger or were you to afraid to do it? If you never tried this incredible burger, then let me just say that it tastes just like a burger. It tastes like what beef should taste like but better.

It’s no wonder why people are waiting for it to show up in their grocery stores but the FDA has to give Impossible Foods the A-Okay before anything makes it to stores.

Via Food Dive,

Impossible Foods needs pre-market approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to sell uncooked Impossible Burgers directly to consumers, according to an agency statement reported by Bloomberg. Previously only sold in restaurants, Impossible Foods announced last month it would begin selling its plant-based burger in retail outlets next year. The FDA said because the soy leghemoglobin in the products provides a red color important to their appearance, the ingredient will need the agency’s sign off as a color additive. Impossible Foods has filed a petition to that effect, which the FDA has 90 days to consider and another 90 days after that if needed.

Back in July of this year, FDA approved soy leghemoglobin “Generally Recognized As Safe” or GRAS approval but some environmental groups still had concerns about the ingredient and what it can do to humans.

While FDA gave Impossible Foods GRAS status, the company will still need to go through FDA approval for color additives. Once this is complete, Impossible Food’s “beef” will arrive in stores.

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