UberEats drivers eating your food? The loophole allowing it to happen

Paid your money for an order and it never arrived? Chances are an UberEats driver got a free meal out of you.

According to the Takeout, “if a driver makes an effort to contact the person who ordered the food but isn’t able to reach them to complete the delivery, the driver can keep the food.”

A spokesperson for UberEats clarified the company’s policy:

“Though there are instances where the driver partner encounters situations where no one is there to retrieve the order, we do take a number of steps to monitor and prevent any kind of theft or fraud on the app with both delivery partners and customers,” the spokesperson stated via email. “If a driver asks us what they should do with the food, we advise them to discard the food vs. leaving it outside where there is potential for it to be tampered with.”

Hmm. Not sure how many UberEats drivers will discard perfectly cooked food alone if they can’t reach the customer and that’s if they are actively trying to deliver it in the first place.

As a possible user or current user of UberEats your only hope is that if it happens to you that UberEats “deactivate drivers’ accounts that are associated with fraudulent activity, including ‘claiming to complete a delivery without ever picking up the delivery item; and picking up a delivery item but not delivering it in full’. “

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