Thailand Supermarket Uses banana leaves instead of plastic packaging

Green Matters reports that Rimping, a grocery store chain in Chiang Mai, Thailand has started using banana leaves instead of plastic to secure loose produce.

Rimping’s packaging also includes biodegradable bamboo twist ties.

Plastic who? LOOK: Instead of plastic bags, vegetables in Thailand are wrapped in banana leaves! 📷 Vomad — Tagani (@TaganiPH) March 23, 2019

Because bananas grow year round in Thailand, there is an abundance of banana leaves available for use, especially because they are usually discarded.

Rimping operates as a green grocer not only using the banana leaf packaging but it also allows its customers to use Rimping cloth bags for a deposit, if they happen to forget to bring their own resuable bags.

Additionally, rimping offers biodegradable bioplastic carrier bags and cardboard boxes to pack groceries.

Rimping is not the only grocery store committed to reducing waste, Trader Joe’s and U.K.-based Tesco both annouced they will reduce plastic use.

Although the U.S. does not have banana leaves availiable, there are still plenty of waste reducing, plastic-free alternatives.

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