Ruby chocolate is on its way to U.S. market

Food Dive reports Barry Callebaut announced that ruby chocolate will be available to confectioners in the United States market.

Via Food Dive:

Ruby chocolate comes from special cacao beans that were discovered more than a generation ago by scientists working for Barry Callebaut, Smit said. These beans grow in Brazil, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast, and scientists processing the chocolate took many years to master the secret of producing the pink chocolate. When what’s now known as ruby was first produced by Barry Callebaut, the company was doing consumer research in China, the U.S. and the U.K., Smit said. The research was targeted to find out why people in the different countries consume chocolate. Smit said they discovered that chocolate can meet six human needs. In a taste test with different kinds of chocolate, the dark pink confection created by the company’s research and development team as an experiment, had a distinct characteristic.

Ruby chocolate has had a slow roll-out process. The chocolate has been sold in Trader Joe’s, online food boutique Harry & Davis and high-end chocolate shops in Chicago. For more information on ruby chocolate check out Barry Callebaut.

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