Opinion: Red Delicious apples are trash

With over 100 apple varieties grown commercially in the Untied States. I have to wonder why red delicious apples exist. This apple is truly for people who lack taste buds!

Let’s start with a brief history on red delicious apples. The US Apple Association (yes, this is indeed an organization), said that the apple origins, “originated in Iowa in the 1870s.” So if you are looking for a place to blame, look no further than Iowa.

The apple is the most recognized of all U.S. varieties and is also the mushiest, one note variety that I am sure that if you offer someone this apple, you hate them.

Here’s the only fact about red delicious apples you need to know. According to Orange Pippin, this apple “scabs easily.”

Now, go back in your mind to the time you had a red delicious apple and it had scabs all over it. Remember that first time when you bit into that apple and felt your disappointment wash all over you. Terrible right?

The real nightmare is that everywhere you go you will probably find a one of these creeping around the corner. School lunches, stores, gas stations, and companies all over the U.S. shoving these trapples on us all.

This apple’s wax is as thick as candle drippings and the “delicious” in red delicious’ name is the biggest PR scam. Red delicious apples were once called the Hawkeye and then changed to Stark Delicious (a Marvel joke is too easy) and then became the infamous name we all know.

Since the red delicious apple dropped to number two as the most widely grown apple with Gala in the number one spot, there are new tactics being employed to pass these apples on to fools willing to take a bite out of this thing we call an apple.

The success of the red delicious apple will be in places that are unfamiliar with that apple’s essence said Tom Burford, author of Apples of North America. I guess the plan is to dupe people from other countries into buying and eating it. Good luck to everyone involved because this is an apple that will make people run away from the fruit altogether.

An Orange Pippin user named John G. sums up the apple with an apt quote, “It’s a one-dimensional apple (sweet) that tastes like old snow when it gets a little long in the tooth.”

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