Online delivery for groceries expected to rise to 66 percent in the next 5 years

Field Agent, a retail firm reports that 66% of shoppers will buy their groceries online from a survey of 3,342 grocery shoppers.

Via Grocery Dive:

While none of the findings from Field Agent are groundbreaking, they illustrate the increasing willingness of shoppers to start shifting at least some of their grocery shopping online. As more grocers launch or expand e-commerce services, it is becoming easier for consumers to try online shopping. Based on the survey, in-store grocery shopping remains the primary method, with 97% of shoppers saying they shop in-store. Among all survey respondents, 52% currently buy some groceries online, and 21% are open to the possibility. These numbers are a good reminder to grocers that the in-store experience is still essential, but that shoppers are increasingly demanding an omnichannel experience. When it comes to pickup and delivery, 38% report using curbside pickup and 16% using delivery. For retailers, this reinforces the importance of having strong offerings on both services since the target shoppers for each tend to be different. Urban shoppers have a higher tendency to buy for delivery, while pickup tends to serve suburban areas where people get around by car.

This trend is not surprising considering that Walmart also joined the online delivery trend. Survey participants cite product quality, in-store promos and delivery fees as reasons why online delivery is not a larger part of the grocery business.

With retail giants Walmart, Kroger and Amazon getting into online grocery delivery as well as grocery tech companies developing options for better service, it is only a matter a time for online groceries to become commonplace in the U.S.