New Hershey Co products on the way

Food Business News reports there are new products on the way from Hershey Co. including a new Kit Kat flavor later in the year.

Via Food Business News:

“So I feel really good about our innovation this year, and I will say, if I look historically, I think frequently the best and more sustainable innovation we’ve had is when we are really focused on either improving our core or staying close to the core with a key, purposeful benefit,” said Michele G. Buck, president and chief executive officer, in an April 25 earnings call. A “Reese’s Lovers” campaign involves a Reese’s Chocolate Lovers cup with more milk chocolate and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Lovers cup with more peanut butter. The program will ship primarily in the second quarter, Ms. Buck said. Earlier this year, the Hershey-based company launched Reese’s Thins. “And as we think about our portfolio, one of the interesting things about Reese’s is we have all different kinds of cups and different shapes and different ratios of chocolate to peanut butter, and everybody has their favorite, and Thins offers a benefit of permissibility and a totally different eating experience on our biggest core brand,” Ms. Buck said. “So that proximity to the core tends to lead to a more sustainable approach.” Kit Kat Duos Mint + Dark Chocolate in December will become the first permanent Kit Kat flavor in the United States in almost a decade, Ms. Buck said. “This item will feature a mashup of two iconic flavors, with mint cream on top and dark chocolate on the bottom surrounding the light and crispy wafer,” she said.

Hershey’s goal in 2019 is to increase sales in a range of 1 percent to 3 percent and these products including Skinny Pop will broaden their investment.

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