Millennials and Gen Z love baked goods and hate the food waste produced

American Bakers Association funded a report conducted by the Center for Generational Kinetics showed that 78% of millennial and Generation Z consumers eat carbohydrates in their diet, but “53% of Gen Z consumers and 48% of millennails buy or eat fewer baked goods than they did a year ago” according to Food Dive.

Via Food Dive:

Although this report shows that millennial and Gen Z consumers are still eating baked goods — including sweet baked goods, tortillas, rolls, crackers, baked bars, bagels and flatbreads — downward trends in purchasing understandably worry the baking industry, which wanted to find out what motivates these two generations. ABA President and CEO Robb MacKie said in a release on the study that answers are there. More than half of the millennial and Gen Z consumers said they would purchase additional baked goods if they were offered in smaller portions, he said. It could make sense for more baked good and bread makers to make their products smaller or offer fewer items in a package to attract younger consumers. The report also found “whole grains,” “freshness” and “natural ingredients” are the most influential descriptors for millennial and Gen Z consumers. Additionally, 58% of these groups would like baked goods in meal kits, 38% would try a company’s baked goods if they used responsibly sourced ingredients, and one-third would purchase more baked goods if they could taste them first. These report results could encourage baked goods manufacturers and retail stores to focus more on whole grains and sustainably sourced items and offer more tasting opportunities to potential customers.

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