Market rollout: Häagen-Dazs introduces alcohol-infused ice cream and dessert to consumers

Häagen-Dazs is developing a line of seven alcohol-infused products that will contain less than 0.5% alcohol. No worries, you can’t get drunk on these products alone.

Häagen-Dazs Brand Manager, Rachel Jaiven said “The Häagen-Dazs brand is built on a passion for transforming the finest ingredients into extraordinary ice cream experiences.” 

According to CNBC, there will be five ice cream flavors, “Irish Cream Brownie, Rum Tress Leches, Bourbon Praline Pecan.” There will also be a non-dairy amaretto black cherry almond toffee desert and Irish cream cookie squares.

In order to purchase these products, consumers must be 21 years or older in the U.S. and whether it is available in certain state will likely depend on alcohol regulations.

This product release comes a year after the ice cream line was released in Canada. The collection will be in grocery stores across selected places in April and in early March some flavors will be in Häagen-Dazs ice cream shop locations across the United States.

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