Lyft expands its discounted rides for its grocery access program

Alongside other companies like Amazon and government entities such as the USDA, Lyft is using their company to change grocery shopping.

Lyfy is expanding its grocery access program to remove barriers to healthy food by providing thousands of affordable rides for people in underserved areas.

The successful pilot in Washington, D.C., last December has expanded to Atlanta and will then extend the program to about a dozen cities across the country. A total of 15 markets will join the grocery access program — “Atlantic, City, N.J.; Baltimore; Chicago; Columbus, Ohio; Detroit; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Miami; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Portland, Ore.; Richmond, Va.; and Ottawa and Toronto in Canada”

In Washington, D.C., beginning this past January, the Grocery Access Program helped local families with $2.50 Lyft Shared rides to grocery stores and The Market at Martha’s Table, a Lyft partnership.

“The Lyft Grocery Access Program is an innovative partnership that aligns with our mission to support strong children, strong families and strong communities,” said Tiffany Williams, chief programs officer at Martha’s Table. “By offering discounted flat-rate rides to three full-service grocery stores and to Martha’s Table Market, the program has helped to reduce the time, transportation and financial barriers to healthy food access.”

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