Independent laboratory test for LaCroix concludes their water is natural

After news of a lawsuit on the horizon over LaCroix’s “natural” ingredients, the company has shot back with proof that their water does not contain insecticides.

Natural Beverage Corp., LaCroix’s parent company released a statement posted on BevNet, that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that the description of “natural” on a food label is not misleading when nothing synthetic is added into a product.

The lab test was completed by an independent laboratory accredited by the International Standards Organization. The lab completed testing that confirmed their ingredients are extracted from sources like fruit and not engineered in a lab. The methods in which the test was tested is unknown.

Additionally, National Beverage Corp did not provide a name of the lab that conducted the test that they claim meets FDA standards. However, this new test may provide comfort for those who would like to continue to drink LaCroix without fear. For others, this test still does not prove that LaCroix water is all natural and without a lab source it remains suspect for those seeking more data.

According to National Beverage Corp’s Office of the Chairman, Grace Keene, the lawsuit has “no merit and will be proven false in short order.” Hopefully, with more information, LaCroix water will regain the trust of people who have stopped drinking their products.

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