Hell’s Kitchen S18, E7: Last Chef Standing

Welcome to Hell

  1. Heather is scared of being in the bottom two again and says it lit a fire in her.

  2. The men Scotley, Trev, Motto, and Jose were all talking about how good their cooking and then it turns in a roast fest between Scotley and Motto against Trev. Let’s see how this plays out because paying attention to the set up in the beginning always serves as a narrative in these episodes.


HK – Twist

  1. Both teams are lead to front of the restaurant and asked what is the “key element to a kitchen running smoothly” by Chef Ramsay and like good little school kids people shouted “time management,” “communication,” and “consistency” all true but in true Q&A, it never quite hits the mark does it? Anyway, Chef Ramsay let’s them know that the correct answer is teamwork.

  2. They parade a stock car with Rockstar energy drink (product placement) zip around the lot and a pit crew changes everything so quickly your head would spin.

  3. Everyone returns and they learn that they have to recreate 5 dishes – spaghetti meatball marinara, veal scaloppini piccata, crispy fried chicken, shrimp and grits and cioppino in 40 minutes.

  4. But it wouldn’t be a twist if there wasn’t something right? One by one each team member is leaving the kitchen and one remains. In this case, it is Motto and…left standing.


The Recreation Challenge

 Heather vs. Motto: Shrimp and grits

-Motto wins, advantage men. Chef says that Heather’s grits were “slightly anemic” and Motto nailed his dish.

Kanae vs. Jose: Crispy fried chicken

-Jose and Kanae wins, advantage men. Although Kanae’s chicken was “delicious” Jose’s “nicely seasoned” chicken received a point as well.

Ariel vs. Bret: Veal scaloppini piccata

-Ariel wins, tie. Bret’s was slightly chewy and Ariel cooked the veal that had Chef Ramsay easily give the point to the blue team.

Roe vs. Scotley: Spaghetti meatball marinara

-Roe and Scotley wins, tie. Scotley’s meatballs were really soft but “could have done with a bit more sauce” Chef Ramsay said. Roe’s was soft as well.

Ariel vs. Trev: Cioppino

-Ariel wins, women win. Both dishes were flavored nicely but because the fish was left out the dish the red team lost.

-It’s not lost on me that one of these dishes were Mia’s but Ariel really did finish quite a bit of all of these dishes and spoke on behalf of two of them so she’s not here.


Here come’s Hell

  1. So as I guessed (pretty obvious) both Motto and Scotley can’t stand Trev and are “picking” on him. Trev (according to the cameras) is taking it. Rightly so, Trev isn’t interested in being called “baby girl” talk. Something is going to hit the fan.


HK – Twist

  1. Oh you thought it was over? Nope. Chef Ramsay “Is trimming the fat” There is another challenge and the people who stayed in the kitchen in the previous challenge is safe (Ariel and Motto). But that means that the first three chefs who were willing to leave the kitchen first have to cook for their lives.

  2. At least they get to cook anything they want with an abundance of food choices right?


The Cook Off (highlights)

  1. Gizzy, Roe, Heather, Bret, Jose and Scotley all have 45 minutes to create a dish that will save their lives.

Roe: Swordfish based in kaffir lime and butter balanced with a raspberry, crabapple and pomegranate sauce.

Bret: Frutti di mare (clams, mussels, shrimp and seared scallops) in a pomodoro sauce.

  1. Who goes back between the two? That would be Bret!

Heather: Coconut-curried poached lobster tail and claw.

  1. Who goes back between the Heather and Roe? It was Heather.

Gizzy: Lightly grilled striped bass with delicata squash.

  1. Who goes back between the Gizzy and Roe? It was Roe.

Jose: Pan-seared salmon, chorizo hash and avocado salsa verde.

  1. Who goes back between the Gizzy and Jose? It was Jose.

Scotley: Dry-cured ahi tuna with oregano cooked red lentils

  1. Who goes back between the Gizzy and Scotley? The battle of Atlanta? It was Scotley!

Gizzy is gone and only the strongest remain.

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