Hell’s Kitchen S18, E6: Hot Potato

Kevin was kicked out for “lacking” drive and the men regroup. Here’s the highlights:

Welcome to Hell

  1. Men are plotting how to win challenges moving forward with the usual suspect Trev saying that the women will eventually break.

  2. T told the rookie women from last week, Mia and Gizzy to stop doubting themselves.

  3. Chris is talking to Kanae and wonders if there is a such thing as a “perfect” service. Let’s see how that plays out.


HK – Twist

  1. Out comes Mr. Potato head under a closh. What in the world are they going to do to these contestants? Obviously, it is something with a potato.

  2. The potato is the “hero” for their meal. They all raced to pick up Mr. Potato head body parts to stick on their potato head for their dish.

  3. They have 45 mins to complete it and let’s see how they fared.

  4. Before judging, Chef Ramsay asks the blue team to decide who won’t be judged. They are interested in kicking T’s dish to the curb and they ultimately they chose Kanae’s dish.


The Potato Challenge

  1. Chef Richard Blais (one of my favorite chefs) is here to judge each teams’ potato dishes.

Jose: Sweet potato gratin with broccoli

Chef Blais and Ramsay both gave him 2 points for the dish for a total of 4. Blais says that he was looking for something more “Jeans and a T-Shirt” and not “Suit and Tie.” Basically, he over did his dish and made it more fancier without real substance. Advantage men.

T: Red garnet sweet potatoes and butternut squash

Chef Blais rated her dish 1 point and Ramsay 2 points. Chef Blais said her dish “look[ed] a little granular.” Advantage men.


The Speed thru – (what the show sped through)

Trev: Potato fritter with Shrimp

6 points total. Advantage men.

Heather: Surf and turf potato pancake

6 points total. Advantage men.


Chris: Lobster Pie

Both chefs loved Chris’ food they said, “Just enough lobster” and “The best thing you cooked in this competition.” So it seems Chris’ doubt dissipated. 10 points total. Advantage men.

Ariel: Yukon and sweet potato pommes Anna

“Flavor’s on point, seasoning’s incredible” Chef Ramsay said. She earns 9 points in total. Advantage men.

Motto: “Shepherd’s pie”

Chef Blais is not amused. “It’s almost inedible.” 2 points total. Advantage men.

Mia: Peruvian potato dish (cold)

Blais says the ultimate compliment “It is worthy of being on a menu right now in a restaurant.” She earns 10 points total bringing the women’s total to 28. It’s 28 to 22. Advantage women.


The Speed thru – (what the show sped through)

Scotley: Dish unknown

4 points total. Advantage men.

Gizzy: Dish unknown

3 points total. Advantage women. (only slightly).


Bret: Potato gnocchi

10 points total for his food. Ramsay said “It’s hearty and delicious.” Advantage men.

Roe: Potato gratin and steak

9 points total for her dish and as EXPECTED with this show, they make it a tie. Advantage no one.

It is down to the best dish. Chris wins it for the team. They finally win. And they tasted Kanae’s dish and let her know that they would have won if they put it up.


The Sixth Service Begins (highlights)

  1. Despite Chris winning it for the men he is bowing out from the competition. This usually means no one is cut even when each team messes up.

  2. So far both teams are doing fine and the apps went well. BUT entrees are not going well at all. Kanae is serving raw branizno and holding up the blue team but it went out after a refire.

  3. Heather and T both were providing terrible meat. First it was too rare, then too cooked, and then too rare again.

  4. Scotley brought up terrible branizno but it was fixed and T provided perfect meat. But that would soon change because Chef Ramsay was pissed.

  5. T’s next steak was rare and the women are kicked out.

  6. The men rocked it and nothing was brought back.


The Outcome

  1. The first person up was T due to communication and Heather for the same reason. Ultimately, T was cut.

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