Hell’s Kitchen S18, E5: Fish Out of Water

The rookies dropped the ball on service and the veterans floundered. Now it is men vs. women again in Hell’s Kitchen. Here’s the highlights:

Welcome to Hell

  1. Men are excited to be on a team with each other because women are “indirect.”

  2. Other members discuss their children and how their priority number 1 in their lives. I guess after showing some of the male contestants being awful they cut to other male contestants discussing their kids to show they are not all awful? Who knows.


HK – Twist

  1. Songwriter Stephan Moccio joins Hell’s Kitchen for a brief show of his piano skills. This is all done to show that major players in any field are versatile. This challenge is all about versatility for these chefs.

  2. .Each team worked with the same protein (halibut) cooked 7 different ways. Steamed, wood-burning oven, baked, grilled, poached, hot smoked, pan seared, and shallow fried.


The Fish Challenge

  1. Michelin Star Chef David LeFevre joins Chef Ramsay to judge the dishes.

Gizzy vs. Bret: Grilled fish

-Bret made a soy-and sriracha-marinated halibut, grilled roasted beech mushroom slaw with some grilled baby bok choy. Gizzy made a grilled flaked halibut “medallions,” a blistered tomato vinaigrette and charred onion petal. Point goes to Gizzy. Advantage women.

Chris vs. Mia: Steamed fish

-Mia made a steamed halibut with a broth (poured table side). Chris did his fish en papillote (cooked and served with the paper wrapper) with cabbage and purple potatoes. Point goes to Mia. Advantage women.

Kevin vs. Roe: Poached fish

-Kevin made a poached halibut with coconut curry broth. Roe’s dish was an IPA and butter-poached halibut. Point goes to Kevin. Advantage women.

Scotley vs. Kanae: Hot Smoked fish

-Scotley made a smoked halibut and applewood chips. Kanae’s dish was halibut and baba ghanoush. Point goes to Kanae. Advantage women.

Ariel vs. Jose: Shallow-fried fish

-Ariel made a shallow-fried halibut and tomatillo sauce. Jose’s dish was a shallow-fried halibut with bacon braised cabbage. Points goes to both chefs. Advantage women.

Motto vs. Heather: Pan-seared fish

-Motto made a pan-seared halibut with blistered tomatoes. Heather’s dish was a pan-seared halibut butter-basted with star anise and fennel and a parsnip-beet-fennel puree. Point goes to Motto. Advantage women.

T vs. Trev: Wood-burning fish

-T made halibut with a ginger sake broth with kumquats. Trev’s dish was halibut with butter, tomatoes and arugula. Point goes to T. Women win.


The Fifth Service Begins (highlights)

  1. This is the first service after the two groups were formed men vs. women.

  2. The blue team is off to a good start after T fixed her scallops. There is no table side work for the red team so Chris came over to “help” fix the scallops but he ruined it and was pushed away.

  3. Mia’s wellingtons are all under and she cut them! Never cut meat people, it will dry the protein out. It seems that the blue team is working together to make it work. Ramsay basically shut down any discussion of T and Heather helping Gizzy and Mia. He told everyone to run their own stations so Gizzy and Mia will have to get some confidence and quick.

  4. Scotley isn’t talking much and the red team overall is floundering. Kevin sent out rubbery salmon by adding extra hot butter. They came back to the kitchen after being sent to talk their issues out and put up cold sauce for the wellington.

  5. Chef kicks the men out and the women finish their dinner service.


The Outcome

  1. Red team absolutely lost. The team cannot figure out who to put up for elimination but ultimately it was Scotley and Kevin.

  2. Kevin got cut because he didn’t have the “fire” anymore.

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