Hell’s Kitchen S18, E4: Hell Freezes Over

Hell’s Kitchen episode four has vets reeling that the rookies are good at cooking. There are 14 contestants left after Jen’s explosive exit. Here’s the highlights:

Welcome to Hell

  1. We have Jen gone and men (Chris specifically) talking about Mia like she’s a piece of meat (yuck).

  2. Everyone is excited that Jen is gone.


HK – Twist

  1. It’s a Hell’s kitchen sled race and one team will win an advantage. Round and round they go down a slope with fake snow. The Blue team (vets) won.


The Soup Challenge

  1. Since the blue team won the sledding challenge they received a 10 second head start to choose their ingredients. All chefs have 45 mins for this soup challenge overall.


Guess Who’s Coming to Judge

  1. Chef Ramsay, Chef Traci Des Jardin and Olympic winner and Cookbook author Brian Boitano.

Trev: Carrot coconut soup with Cajun curry shrimp. Chefs’ said it’s “Beautiful.” 6 points out of 9.

Heather: Andouille, lobster and corn chowder. Chefs’ said ” you can’t go wrong.” 8 points out of 9.

Ariel: Fried chicken miso ramen. Chefs’ said “love the flavor, great textures.” 7 points out of 9.

T: Celery veloute with spicy pickled shrimp. Chefs’ said “loved the spiciness, beautiful.” 8 out of 9.

Kevin: Classic New England claw chowder. Chefs’ said “textures are lovely.” 6 out of 9.

Roe: Pho. Chefs’ said “Missing a little bit of salt and acid” 3 out of 9.

Bret: Tomato basil soup with crispy pancetta and orzo. Chefs’ said “Salty, no taste of pancetta.” 3 out of 9.


Mia: Brown butter and butternut squash soup. Chefs’ said “never nice” 9 out of 9.

Motto: Southern spiced sweet potato soup. Chefs’ said “No acid but great base.” 6 out of 9.

Gizzy: Celery and fennel soup. Chefs’ said “It’s amazing, nice touch.” 9 out of 9.

Chris: Spicy butternut squash soup with fried tomatoes and fried jalapeno. Chefs’ said “It looked like melted cheese.” 3 out of 9.

Jose: soy miso soup and vegetables. Chefs’ said “Likes the funkiness, easy to eat.” 7 out of 9.

Scotley: Saffron, potato, leek with crispy brussel sprouts and butter poached lobster. Chefs’ said “Love the texture. Beautiful marriage between the texture of the soup.” 8 out of 9.

The rookies won at this point but they still had Kanae left.

Kanae: Mushroom soup. Chefs’ said “texture of the roasted mushrooms is fantastic.” 9 out of 9.


The Fourth Service Begins (highlights)

  1. The blue team is working well together but the red team is trying to get into the groove after Gizzy leaves tableside.

  2. Chris burnt the pork chop that Chef Ramsay put in the oven. But he fixes it.

  3. Kevin didn’t have his steaks hot. So the meat station is all over the place.

  4. The red team has some timing issues and some of the meat is dying.


The Outcome

  1. Both teams lost. There were no clear winners. Gizzy, Chris, Trev, and Kevin are in the bottom.

  2. No one went home tonight but there was a shake up. Gizzy, Trev, and Kevin switched teams while Chris stayed on the red team.

  3. It didn’t stop there because Kanae and Mia went to the blue team. Bret went to the red team. It is no longer rookies vs. veterans. It’s back to basics.

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