Hell’s Kitchen S18, E3: Hell’s Riders

Hell’s Kitchen episode three has a contestant walk off the show. There are 15 contestants left. Here’s the highlights:

Welcome to Hell

  1. The vets are debriefing and T called Trev out for a terrible service.

  2. Trev and Jen are talking to each other in what seems like an inkling of an alliance.

  3. Chef Ramsay tells the chefs that the kitchen didn’t run smoothly and brings out the United States Marine Corps.


HK – Twist

  1. Eat team will feed marines lunch dishes from the air, land, and sea.


The Land, Air, and Sea Challenge

The Menu


  1. Caesar salad

  2. “Red, white and blue” salad (family style)


  1. Air: Chicken parmesan with angel hair pasta

  2. Land: NY strip steak and frites

  3. Sea: Gourmet fish and chips


The Land, Air and Sea Highlights

  1. Jen gets an order of two Caesar, two blues wrong and heather jumps in to help her. Jen isn’t too happy about that at but to be fair, she just started service.

  2. Scotley gives Mia the wrong advice to put paper towels under fried food when there is already a rack.

  3. Heather screwed up because she didn’t stay on her station to drop the fries. She’s was frazzled and served under cooked fries.

  4. Gizzy didn’t have boiling water on her station.

  5. Roe served soggy fried fish and chef pretty much said the vets gave up but Kevin rallied “the troops.” But despite that the rookies still won. Their prize is to “star” in their own film at Paramount Ranch.

  6. Vet’s break down squid ahead of dinner service.

  7. Bret uses his punishment pass (TOO EARLY).


The Second Service Begins (highlights)

  1. Prior to service, Jen’s looking like she may have a break down. She’s finding it hard to mesh with her team.

  2. It’s crunchy rice again! Motto served risotto and doesn’t season the rice well.

  3. Jen is under seasoning potatoes. She said to Chef Ramsay as she was bring food to the pass “What did I do wrong now?”

  4. Scotley worrying about Gizzy’s fish and his wellington wasn’t cooked to perfection the first time. But the extra time it took for his wellington may have made Gizzy’s fish dry out. Jose bails Gizzy out of fish and cooks the order.

  5. Kanae didn’t have garnish but it could have been due to a break down in communication.

  6. Jen feels picked on but she is also not providing enough portions for the entrees. She’s been yelling at everyone, teammates, Jocky, and Chef Ramsay.


The Outcome

  1. Jen gets kicked out of the kitchen for good. Chef Ramsay says “how dare someone accuse me sabotaging them.” He continues, “the only thing that sabotaging her was her cooking.”

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