Hell’s Kitchen S18, E2: A Fond Farewell

Hell’s Kitchen episode two was all about getting the 16 contestants through their first night of service. The continuation of the Hell’s Kitchen begins. Here’s the highlights:

Welcome to Hell

  1. Jocky comes out with the lobster risotto that Chef Ramsay retired from the kitchen. But the contestants will get their chance to get their risotto dish on the menu.


HK – Twist

  1. The first ever punishment pass is thrown out as a way to get a chef out of punishment if they are on a losing team.

  2. The winner of this pass can join the winning team but it can be only used once.


The Risotto Challenge

  1. Everyone makes a rush for the meat. Gizzy is going vegetarian and Bret is feeling himself but only a taste test will show where they stand.  Christina and Jocky taste each risotto to narrow them down to eight total for Chef Ramsay to judge. Here’s who made it to Chef Ramsay’s top eight:

Chris: Pan seared pork belly risotto with a poached egg

T: Scalloped risotto with leeks, pancetta, & tomato relish

Gizzy: Vegetarian risotto

Roe: Carrot, turmeric, and ginger Risotto

Mia: Sweet pea and basil risotto with crispy pancetta

Ariel: Speck, pecorino, and wild mushroom risotto

Scott: Blistered tomato risotto with parmesan, mascarpone, and bacon

Bret: Grilled shrimp with charred asparagus tip risotto

  1. Between Chris and T, and T came out on top. Next up was T vs. Gizzy. Gizzy beat out T’s dish because according to Chef Ramsay, Gizzy’s risotto “lifts the palate.”

  2. Jocky’s next choice Roe was up with her risotto and it was too damn crunchy. So Gizzy was still the one to beat.

  3. Christina’s third pick was Mia and she easily beat out Gizzy because Ramsay was going back for seconds and thirds of her risotto (it looked beautiful too).

  4. Ariel, Jocky’s third choice but couldn’t beat Mia.

  5. Christina’s final choice, Scott still couldn’t beat Mia.

  6. Jocky’s final choice, Bret was up and Chef Ramsay liked both dishes and Bret won.


What’s on Tonight’s Menu?

  1. Charred grilled octopus

  2. Carbonara

  3. Beef Tartare

  4. Beef wellington

  5. Lobster wellington

  6. Pork chop

  7. Halibut

  8. Flatbread, butternut squash

  9. Chicken jus

  10. Scallops

  11. Lamb rack

  12. Pancetta

  13. Salmon


The First Service Begins (highlights)

  1. Has the biggest and hardest menu of all 18 seasons.

  2. T put too much cheese in Bret’s winning risotto.

  3. Scott messed up. He gave Chef three shrimp instead of six total for two risottos. Then he cooked six extra; he only needed three more cooked. Next thing you know he’s cooking shrimp for tableside service. He’s not supposed to do that!

  4. Trev keeps messed up scallops.

  5. Jose under cooks Halibut but quickly fixes it

  6. Chris is being an idiot and writing order rather than speaking them.

  7. The rookie team is kicked out of the kitchen and the vets finished on top.


The Outcome

  1. Scott and Chris were the red teams choices but Chef brought down one more rookie, Jose. Ultimately, Scott was kicked off for doing the unspeakable cooking tableside food when he should not have.

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