Hell’s Kitchen S18, E1: Rookies vs. Veterans

Hell’s Kitchen is back for it’s eighteenth season with a new theme rookies vs. veterans. Here’s the highlights:

Welcome to Hell

  1. All 16 contestants entered Hell’s Kitchen and meet this season’s Sous Chefs Christina and Jocky. Unbeknownst to the rookies, the other eight contestants were veterans from past seasons.

  2. Chef Gordon Ramsay drops the bomb that there will be an executive chef position at the first ever Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Caesars Place in Las Vegas.


HK – Twist

  1. Getting past the introductions rookies finally learned that this seasons is rookies vs. veterans. One by one each vet revealed themselves and the competition started from there.


The Signature Dish Challenge

  1. The challenge was revealed with rookies’ signature dishes on their plates and the vets with nothing. But chef Ramsay dished out a even bigger task of the vets, cook the rookies’ signatures.

Kevin vs. Kanae: Fish stew with plantains

-Kevin made a clam chowdah with crispy fish skin while chef Ramsay said that Kanae’s plantains look like camel turds and badly executed. Kevin received a perfect 5 and Kanae 3.

Roe vs. Scott: Herb crusted black sea bass

-Roe’s dish was slightly overcooked and so was Scott’s. Roe bested Scott with her 3 to his 2 points.

Bret vs. Chris: Duck breast with mango puree

-Both prepared the dish beautifully and received strong 4s.

Ariel vs. Jose: Seared scallops with puree

-Both prepared the dish well and received strong 4s.

Trev vs. Scotley: Pan seared snapper with coconut red curry sauce

-Trev brought old school techniques that made Ramsay question is mindset and Scotley’s fish was slightly scored. Both earned 3s.

Jen vs. Mia – grilled pork loin with chimichurri

-Jen’s was dry and cracked and Mia’s cooked to perfection. Jen received a 2 and Mia a 5.

Heather vs. Gizzy – Seared scallops with Gazpacho

-Heather and Gizzy’s dishes were delicious and earn them both 5s.


The Outcome

  1. This brought both teams to to a tie. As usual it came down to the last two people with the best dishes and it wouldn’t be HK if it didn’t.

  2. It was Mia vs Kevin to break the tie for the signature dish challenge and it ultimately went to Mia leading to the first victory for the rookies and they won a dinner at Charcoal as their prize.

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