Good Eats is rebooted with Alton Brown slated to host

Noted Food TV presenter and Expert Alton Brown, is rebooting Good Eats under the new title Return of the Eats but viewers get Good Eats Reloaded first.

Return of the Eats is a new food show Alton’s developing that will explore food + science, food science! It will be similar to the original Good Eats show that ran from 1999 to 2012 and will debut on the Food Network Channel. Before, this show’s debut, Alton is bringing a different show to our TVs.

Good Eats Reloaded is exploring 13 old episodes from the previous seasons and remixing recipes by using new techniques and tools to modernize food science.

In an interview with Food & Wine earlier in the year, Alton said “Technology has changed, ingredients have changed—there are ingredients in these reloads that Americans hadn’t heard of twenty years ago, they weren’t on the market.” Viewers watching this new show should expect the bells and whistles modern food technology can provide.

According to Grub Street, Alton said in Good Eats Reloaded, “[Viewers] will basically see the original episode completely intertwined with new material. They will see “Today Me” talking to me back then. They will see a complete update of a new way to cook the steak that we cooked in that show. We introduced cast iron to a lot of people in that show, but I didn’t actually show how to cure a cast-iron skillet from start! So, we’ve added that. We’ve added new science to explain things that are going on with heat and meat in this case, and we’re updating anything that needs updating. There’s literally new stuff every freaking ten seconds. There are very, very few scenes that have not been treated in some way.”

Here’s a tweet from Alton giving followers a sneak peek at Good Eats Reloaded:

#GoodEatsReloaded (premieres Monday, October 15 at 9pm ET on @cookingchannel) — Alton Brown (@altonbrown) September 26, 2018

The new show Good Eats: Reloaded will premiere Monday, October 15 at 9 p.m ET on the Cooking Channel.

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