Food inspections stop due to shutdown

The Hill reports that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) suspended domestic food facility inspections due to the government shutdown.

The FDA conducts about 160 inspections per week and Scott Gottlieb, FDA commissioner is looking to bring back employees to resume inspections in high-risk facilities like seafood and cheese.

Gottlieb said “We are doing what we can to mitigate any risk to consumers through the shutdown.”

As of now, the shutdown hit day 24 on Monday while President Trump‘s border wall funding.

Via The Hill:

Trump has been seeking to frame the wall as the answer to a crisis at the border, while Democrats insist the president is playing politics and seeking to shore up support from his base. Democrats have offered $1.3 billion for border security measures, but no specific money for the wall. 

Hopefully, the shutdown will end soon, restoring power back to government entities that keep Americans healthy.

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