Fast food restaurants are ditching teenagers in favor of a more senior, citizen

Restaurants’ fast food employees are grayer than ever with fast food restaurants employing more senior citizens instead of teenagers across the United States.

There are two reasons why this trend is rising. One is due to a labor shortage and the other is because more older Americans are working longer to supplement their poor retirement savings.

Restaurants that employ senior citizens can look forward to what they believe are friendlier and more punctual people due to their life experience and restaurants can pay senior citizens the same industry median of $9.81 an hour.

Bloomberg reports that “Senior typically have more developed social skills than kids who grew up online and often would rather not be bothered with real-world interactions.”

“This surge has led AARP to become a “veritable recruiting hub” for casual restaurants like Bakers Square, Village Inn, and Bob Evans, as well as fast-food chains” The Takeout reports.

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