Dollar stores and healthy food: Dollar General to sell healthier foods in 2019

Not a huge fan of dollar stores because they prey on low-income urban and rural communities. These stores aren’t found in affluent neighborhoods and tend to open multiple stores in the same community in hopes that customers purchase all of their items. Either way, Dollar General is providing new items in their stores in 2019.

Via Cooking Light,

Dollar General plans to open 975 new stores and remodel 1,000 of their current stores in 2019, as part of the effort to bring in more fresh produce as well as healthy foods and beverages to their stores nationwide. On a company earnings call, Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos acknowledged that the chain’s move to sell fresh veggies and fruit has drawn new customers—and the initial market test of perishables in nearly 50 stores in 2017 was extremely promising for the brand. What can you expect from these new stores? Dollar General is adding new coolers into their grocery aisles to offer everything you could find at a traditional grocery store, like bagged lettuce, vegetables, and freshly picked herbs. And their fruit section is impressive, with finds such as .95 cent avocados. Even if your local Dollar General isn’t one of the 450 selling produce, the effort to remodel stores will include a sweeping update to the chain’s infamously unhealthy snack aisle, where customers have to be on their toes to find sound, healthy options. Vasos shared that Dollar General is seeking out lower-sodium items and snacks with higher protein counts.

Dollar General is changing its food model and that’s a great thing but if there stores are only in low-income areas then we have to question what’s really their motive? Is it to fill a need? Profit from a possibly permanent underclass? To further the food and income divide among people in the U.S? Not sure just yet, but it doesn’t seem like a fair playing field for communities across the U.S.

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