Chewing to the top: Gum has $4B in sales in 2018

Who knew that gum is making so much money? Chewing gum reached $4.1 billion last year from a Packaged Facts study.

According to Package Facts, “the chewing gum market is examined at both the manufacturer and retail level.”

Via Package Facts:

  1. historical trends, total demand, and total shipments for chewing gum in relation to other key confectionery and snack food markets

  2. historical data for and industry projections to 2023 for select market segments

  3. retail channel shares

  4. a breakout by brand and marketer of gum chewers examined based on age bracket, income bracket, gender, household structure, ethnicity, and geographical location

  5. detailed analysis of marketing and new product trends, including illustrations of recent product introductions

The growth can be attributed to health concerns of snack calories and interest in “better” sugar free gum as people want healthier products.

Research Director for Package Facts, David Sprinkle said “Gum marketers are developing fun and flavorful products and are innovating with non-caloric sweeteners, as well as stressing the potential benefits of dental and nutrition-bearing gums.”

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