Beyond Meat is bringing plant-based ground beef to a store near you

Beyond meat is expanding their options to include ground beef in their plant-based line-up. This new item will join their hamburger, sausage and chicken products.

According to BusinessWire, Beyond Meat’s ground beef will have 25 percent less saturated fat than beef, has no GMOs, no soy and no gluten. This product is a blend of pea, mung bean and rice proteins and is trying to replicate ground beef.

Via FoodDive,

As Beyond Beef joins the popular Beyond Burger in the company’s expanding plant-based product lineup, it presumably will be targeting customers looking to reduce the amount of red meat in their diet. According to a 2018 study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 55% of consumers said they were limiting their consumption of processed meat, and 41% said they were reducing their red meat intake. This trend opens an area “ripe for innovation,” Beyond Meat said in the release.

The brand’s next step to conquering the market is introducing ground beef but taste will determine whether it is a hit with consumers.

The Los Angeles based company’s mission is to build meat directly from plants to benefit human health, climate change and animal welfare. Their food is sold in 35,000 retail and food service outlets worldwide. Whether they make a huge impact in the food industry is not up for debate, they are cornering a market built on sustainability.

The real question is how will this affect the beef industry as plant-based food expands across the globe.

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