Ben & Jerry’s to introduce CBD-infused ice-cream

Food Dive reports Ben & Jerry’s is introducing a CBD-infused ice-cream.

Hemp cultivation has become a huge trend in food and drinks sense the Farm Bill made it possible for companies to use it in their products.

Ben & Jerry’s pledged to make CBD-infused treats when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration get regulations in order.

Via Food Dive:

The Unilever-owned brand’s CEO Matthew McCarthy said in a written statement that what moved this decision was consumer desire for the nonpsychoactive substance to be added to ice cream. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and is said to aid in relaxation. Chris Rivard, the Ben & Jerry’s flavor guru in charge of the CBD project, echoed that sentiment in an interview with Food Dive. “We are an innovation trend-driven company as well,” Rivard said. “It’s something that we’re not afraid to say that we’re looking at, and … we want to use this hopefully opportunity [so] that other companies can … do similar announcements and then, you know, really create some momentum behind this.”

It’s no surprise that Ben & Jerry’s is creating CBD-infused ice cream. The company has always been known for their values and their political ties.

Despite the pledge, the timeline for when it will arrive in stores is still in the air. There is also the question of the right chemistry for its effectiveness and other quality attributes like taste and color.

Ben & Jerry’s CBD-infused ice-cream will make its way to the market some time in the future with their first step looking into sustainable hemp in the company’s headquarters Vermont.

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