5 must have kitchen items for a first time cook

Before you walk into the kitchen and cook for the first time, do you have everything you’ll need to effectively cook? Are you sure you won’t burn your kitchen down? You may roll your eyes and say, “yes, I have everything I need,” but a little more than 10 years ago, I didn’t think I needed anything other than a pot, a spoon, a spatula, and a plate. I was a fool, a young one. So, to make sure you’re prepared, let’s look at a short list of items you need as a first-time cook.

Cookware set

This is pretty straightforward. No cookware, no cooking. Sets are what you should look for because not only are they cheaper than constantly purchasing individual pots and pans, they are the foundation in which you build other staple items around.

Something like this:


Via Amazon: T-fal C530SC Signature Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set, Nonstick Pots and Pans Set, Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator, 12 Piece, Black.-$64.02



Via Amazon: GreenLife Soft Grip 16pc Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set-$85.99

Cooking utensils

Quick quiz. Should you buy metal, silicon, or wood utensils? If you want your cookware to survive over time, silicon is the way to go because they won’t destroy the bottom of your pots and pans.

What you want to do is buy silicon cooking utensils that are firm and sturdy.

Here’s a few price savvy options from amazon:


Via Amazon: Kitchen Utensil Set – 9 Silicone Cooking Utensils for Non-stick Cookware – Wood Kitchen Utensils. – $28.99



Via Amazon: StarPack Basics Range Silicone Kitchen Utensil Set. -24.90


Just like cookware, knives can be bought in sets. It would be great for you to purchase these together save money and from a user standpoint, you should get a set with the basics – a general purpose/santoku knife, bread knife, and pairing knife.

Here’s a few choices:


Via Amazon: Chicago Cutlery Essentials Stainless Steel Knife Block Set (15-Piece)– $29.99



Via Amazon: Wanbasion TK-80812 12 Pieces Professional Kitchen Cutlery Stainless Steel Titanium Knife Set with Matching Sheath. -$23.99

Measuring cups and spoons

I like color. Some people prefer just one color to be the focal point and build around it. Either way, here’s some choices for you.


Via Amazon: Prepworks by Progressive Ultimate 19-Piece Spoon BA-530 Liquid or Dry Measuring Cups. – $8.99



Via Amazon: New Star Foodservice 42917 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups Combo, Set of 8. -$9.95

Chopping Board

You should never have just one chopping board! They are not multi-use and your vegetables and meat should never cross contaminate.

Via Amazon: Gorilla Grip 019962819322 Original Reversible Cutting Board. -$18.99


Via Amazon: Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats With Food Icons &”EZ-Grip” Waffle Back, 4 packs.

There are cheap versions of all of these products. With different styles, colors, and surfaces. No matter what you choose, make sure you make time to buy the basics so your cooking journey has a head-start.

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