5 Companies joining the plant-based meat trend

Alternative meat is a new trend that is here to stay, and other companies want in on the consumer market that Impossible Foods and Beyond Burger are dominating.

Many companies are in luck due to shortages at major restaurants according to Supermarket News and this means alternatives are on the way.

Here’s five food companies bringing plant-based meat to the market:

1. Tyson Foods



  1. Tyson’s offerings will include plant-based nuggets made from pea protein and additional plant ingredients.

  2. There will be “blended burgers” a veggie and Angus beef blend.

  3. The Blend brand will also include sausage and meatballs made with chicken and plant-based products.

  4. The company is slated to launch vegan nuggets to retail stores in the summer with its burgers coming out in the fall.

2. Nestle Sweet Earth



  1. Announced its new vegan burger called the Awesome Burger and its ground beef component, Awesome Grounds available this fall.

  2. The company certified Awesome Burger as GMO free.

  3. Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds will be distributed to supermarkets, restaurants and universities once the company finalize partnerships.

3. Before the Butcher



  1. The company announced plant-based chicken, turkey, beef and breakfast sausage patties to 3,000 stores.

  2. The company will launch the rest of its Uncut vegan protein products.

  3. Before the Butcher’s founder, Danny O’Malley worked for Beyond Meat before starting this company in 2017.

  4. B4tB uses non-GMO soy protein instead of yellow or green pea proteins to resemble the texture and bite of ground beef.

4. Moving Mountains



  1. London-based company that announced a partnership with the Hard Rock Cafe.

  2. The company will introduce its B12 burger made with wheat, soy and pea protein.

  3. It “Bleeds” like the Impossible Burger using beetroot juice.

5. Hormel Foods



  1. Recently launched its “Fuse Burger,” made from ground turkey and rice.

  2. Looking into plant-based options for its company.

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