2020 online grocery sales to grow by 40%

U.S. online grocery sales are projected to grow by 40% this year, according to the Coresight Research U.S. Online Grocery Survey 2020.

Via Supermarket News,

Of 1,152 consumers polled, 52% had bought groceries online in the past 12 months — the first time that more than half of respondents had done so and representing more than double the number of shoppers from two years ago, Coresight said. E-commerce accounted for roughly 2.6% of U.S. food and beverage retail sales in 2019, but the projected growth in online grocery activity would raise that sales percentage to 3.5%, or nearly $38 billion. Coresight noted that its survey was conducted March 17 and 18, when stockpiling of groceries and supplies was in full swing across the country as the spread of coronavirus escalated. As a result, online grocery sales could get an even bigger lift from the pandemic. “The coronavirus outbreak has prompted shoppers to buy food and essentials online in greater numbers and more frequently. By the time of our survey in mid-March, the outbreak had already encouraged just under half of online grocery shoppers to buy more groceries online or driven them to start buying online,” Deborah Weinswig, found and CEO of New York-based Coresight, wrote in the study. “This year’s survey results saw a big increase in expectations to buy groceries online in the coming 12 months, and we suspect much of that is due to the impact of the coronavirus.”

Although there is a lot of online grocery shopping being done right now, online shopping is still small in comparison to traditional shopping.

“We saw a sharp decline in the proportion of respondents doing ‘almost none’ of their grocery shopping online, with the biggest uptick seen in the proportion doing ‘some’ online,” Founder and CEO of New York-based Coresight Deborah Weinswig said. “We also recorded a second year of slight decline in the proportion doing ‘all or almost all’ of their shopping online, which suggests a shift to a landscape in which online is a complement to — not a substitute for — in-store shopping.”

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